Friends For Hours

by Citylake

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Recorded in the summer of 2011 it's a collection of new songs as well as oldies the band had been performing live for a long time. Crank-up the bass frequencies on your EQ settings. This music works best with headphones


released August 22, 2013

Martin Saint: Voice-Guitar-Keyboards
Lewis Handford : Drums, Percussion
Alec McElcheran : Bass

Recorded and mixed at Mixart Studios, Montreal by David Sturton and Francis Belanger Lacas.




all rights reserved


Citylake Montreal, Québec

A Montreal-based quartet formerly known for three years as Satori.After a line-up change a new name was needed to mark a fresh start.Only frontman Martin Saint remains from the early days.Andrew Sudlow and John Gurnsey took over on bass and drums respectively.Keyboardist Julie Abel also joined the band recently.They are currently refining the new songs included on the Pre-Production Demos album. ... more

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Track Name: Interrogation

This is an interrogation
And you’re on the wrong side of the desk
Suddenly you feel the weight
Of every word that’s ever slipped your tongue
Each mistake you’ve ever made
Builds a world on your back

All that you see in this room
Reminds you you are here and
There’s no way to escape
What’s been done is done

A dull voice on the airwaves
Awoke you from a stranger’s pillow
Smell the trail of guilt; you’re a paranoid wreck
When the smokescreen starts to clear
Now it’s harder to walk
Looking over your shoulder

All that you see in this room
Reminds you you are here and
There’s no way to escape
What’s been done is done

It may not amount to much
But it seems like more than enough
You might only live once
But it feels like more than enough

Every eye you read strips you bare
Just as if your soul had been exposed
Every footstep strikes closer behind
Ever so close
Track Name: From 204 To 29
FROM 204 TO 29

From 204 to 29
Fate sure took a crooked line
Through dark times between two smiles
When we were one door away but worlds apart
This only lasted a short while
Deep down we were on the same side
It seems so far back, now
On this long,bumpy ride
From 204 to 29

From 204 to 29
I sit back watching time fly
Over a compartmentalized life
To the point before the wound became a scar
All words keep changing meanings
Halfway between my mouth and your ear
Still nothing can compare
To the ring of our inner phone
Calling me from 204 to 29

A boy and girl
Hold hands in a secret world
Across the borderline
I pushed and pulled
Misled by different selves
Caved under the weight of love

Still when I get lost
On the long way home
War-torn inside
With my head bowed low
There's a warm light
Forever beaming in the distance
Between 204 and 29
Track Name: Chinatown Gates

I walked across this city
Alive with flashbacks from east to west
Main Street glowed with Christmas lights
Shimmering through a blizzard
As a century stood still
My life rang like a countdown
Misused days and glorious nights with friends
Lovers and in-betweens come back
Some things only make sense when you know it’s the last time

Thinking of you past Chinatown Gates

Wide-eyed with a smile on my face
I stumbled through Sun-Yat-Sen Square
My head full of wishful thinking
A past I just tried to rewrite
Is it the alcohol speaking
Or am I way too sane for my own good
Misused days and glorious nights
Wasted clinging to the wrong dreams
Some things only make sense when you know it’s too late

Thinking of you past Chinatown Gates
Screaming your name in my head
Facing the world with my heart on edge

Could it all mean something new now?

Thinking of you (…) my heart on edge

And as the snow kept falling
My spirits sank and rose again
Back home, old songs playing on
I watched a thousand years wind down live
And I thought of everything
That came before, that’s coming soon
And the world got up on the same old land
One time zone at the time
But I only wished we were in the same one
That your soul was here,
Right now,
Track Name: Night Reverie

Between the stars above
And the garden below
My feet firmly grounded
My head wandering off
I surrender myself
To thoughts from the unknown
Vast as space and imagination

Beyond sight and sound
Beyond Earth’s cocoon
Streaming from an ocean of green and blue

In this Nocturnal reverie
Staring at infinity
I’ll follow my still body
To another reality
Stretching itself
To life from the unknown
Beneath my feet, up in the Milky Way

Between shadow and light
Beyond earth’s cocoon
From the microscopically small
To the telescopically big
Where everything travels at the speed of light

I’m ready to land back home
Track Name: One Long Fling

Just finished a book today
About a past now buried away
With characters creeping in
To a present where they don't fit in
I'm catching a glimpse of new strangers
Soul blown from gutter to gutter

Hey, now, you know that I'm just testing
To see if I still exist
For longer than a fling
Long before I am missed

A seasonal mutation
Mixed with some delayed action
Led me to an intersection
Shoes and heart in different directions
I remember the rhythm of loneliness
Shivering against an East-end mistress

Hey, now, you know that I was just testing
To see how life could taste
As one long fling
Or a shortcut to grace

Standing on the cusp of something
Standing on the cusp of something
Track Name: End Of A Decade

It's something I can feel in the air
Nothing visible but it's there
Cars got small, life runs fast
For the fashionably bored
There's an edge to all I see
I can't quite define it just yet
If it's on everyone's mind
That makes it real
Give old ideas new names
Write rules on the fly
In this end of a decade

New nations on the rise, recycle your maps
We'll need new books tomorrow
Writing's out, action's in
One thing at the time is dead
Stop living life in sepia
Just be within reach at all times
Privacy is a thing of the past
Don't we get our kicks
Act first, think later
The future is televised
In this end of a decade

An angry young man is on his way
He just crossed the bridge into town
Remains of the dreams that the city has sown
Flash before his eyes
Time to change the Guard
Tonight is the night he'll remember
Next end of a decade

Come to me, we'll be friends for hours
Come to me, we'll be friends for hours
Track Name: A Note On The Table

The twilight sun’s sinking down
Slowly fading behind the see-through drapes
Dusk moves your shadow
While you’re still as a corpse
Eyes are red from all those bitter pills
Moods spin on dimes
Guilt cut my spine

Before one of us
Leaves a note on the table
There might be one last song, one last silence
See murder in your eyes but I can’t die again

I knew all along, yet I wished I was wrong

Sinking low, we’ve outlived the high
Too strained to sleep but it’s too late to go home
Nerves are on edge knives are out
You can’t be one so you hurt apart
No sideshow or fight it’s all been cried for inside
No secrets left
The jukebox will do the rest

Before one of us
Leaves a note on the table
There might be one last song, one last silence
See murder in your eyes but I can’t die again

I knew all along, yet I wished I was wrong